Facts about the heart

Whenever you place your hand on the chest, you often feel it thudding away in a rhythmic manner, but do you have any idea what makes it ticking or any idea what happens in there? The heart is the center of anyone’s cardiovascular system. Many people don’t understand matters of the heart and therefore, its high time we outline for you various facts about the heart;
The cardiac cycle of the heart happens 100,000 times per day
Its a fact that the human heart beats 100,000 times in a day pumping more than 20,000 gallons of blood to all parts of the body. The functioning of the human heart is very profound because it is capable of sending blood to all the 75 trillion cells in the body except the cornea. The heart beat is actually what is known as the cardiac cycle and happens through contracting and relaxing of the heart hence pumping blood into the blood vessels.

The heart attack symptoms of the male differ greatly with that of females
First, the heart of a male person weigh 10 ounces while that of a female weigh 8 ounces. This makes matters of the heart about men and women to be different. In case of a heart attack, a woman will present symptoms of shoulder pains, nausea and indigestion while the sign of heart attack in men is extreme chest pains.

Cancer of the heart is rare to happen4d49cb1f0584c.preview-300
Many people would think that the heart is just an organ like any other and so it is capable of getting cancer. Actually, i dispute that kind of thinking and create awareness to everyone that heart cancer is rare because the cells in the heart stops dividing early in someone’s life.

Regular sex prevents coronary heart diseases
Studies show that sex is somehow related to sex. Having orgasm at least three times a week may provide a man with a potential prevention against coronary heart diseases such as stroke and heart attacks. Researchers have also revealed that erectile dysfunction may be a great warning of an early heart attack.

The heart can still maintain a regular heartbeat even when separated from the body
The heart is magical. Whether human heart of animal heart. It can still beat for quite a while regularly even when separated from the main body because it has it’s own electric impulses. These impulses are capable of maintaining the heartbeat separately.

A good laughter is the ultimate antidote of heart-stress related issues
When you laugh, the thin lining of the blood vessels relax and expand sending more blood(about 20%) to the entire body. This helps the heart because all the veins are actively pumping blood so there cannot be possibility of blockage.

The heart is capable of generating energy enough to drive a car for about 30km
As the heart pumps the blood to the blood vessels and arteries, energy is generated. As we have also seen, the blood pumps in one heartbeat can amount to 1.5 gallons. This great work done by the heart release energy capable of driving a cars for few miles.

The above facts are true about your heart. So don’t be amazed by what the heart can do. Just take great care of it so that it can do more and have you enjoy life. This means that you take the proper diet and avoid stress so that you can stay healthy.


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