Stonehenge facts

Stonehenge is a huge stone monument that is located on a chalky plain which is to the north of the city of Salisbury in England. The site has attracted historians, archaeologists and common people since many years. Research says that the site has evolved continuously for a period of 10,000 years. Still there are a number of debatable facts about the Stonehenge monument. Some of the Stonehenge facts that are of great importance are outlined below:

The Ancient Stonehenge Monument:???????

Stonehenge is a collection of ancient stones that are arranged like a man made structure. The monument is older than the pyramids of Egypt and the design of the pyramid would be changed in the next 1500 years. The monument is the centre of a large number of Neolithic and Bronze Age monuments. Several burial mounds are also found in the area surrounding the Stonehenge.

Origin and Builder of Stonehenge

It is seen, throughout the English history there has been a question regarding who has built the Stonehenge monument. Answers that have come up are really very strange and surprising. Some think that is the magician Merlin while to others it is the Celtic Druids and some even think it’s the aliens.

Materials of the Monument:

Another important fact amongst all the Stonehenge facts is that the monument is made up of bluestones and sarsens. The bluestones which are also known as the volcanic bluestones weigh up to three to four tons and they were brought from the hills of Preselli located 150 miles away. The sarsens are the larger stones that are brought from a place called the Malborough Downs which is 20 miles away from the Salisbury plain. There had been quite a number of theories regarding how the stones were moved and they include the glaciers, boats and even aliens. It is expected that the new research will throw some light on this debatable issue.

Purpose of Existence:

The purpose of existence is again a very controversial thing that has been a maStonehengetter of curiosity for people since years. The records are very regarding the time of construction of the monument. Some people think that it has been the mark to commemorate the leaders of the tribes that are nearby. While to some it is a site of miracle healing. Some people also think that is a kind of astronomical observatory that is used to mark the winter solstice. The main interesting fact regarding this monument is that it was built with a lot of geometrical and mathematical calculation as the monument is perfectly aligned to the rising and setting of the sun.

Replica of the Monument

There are several replicas of this monument and the most important one is the Maryhill Stonehenge located in Washington in USA. The monument was built by a road builder named Sam Hill. The building is a memorial to the victims of the World War 1. Again the famous Esperance Stonehenge in Australia is a perfect replica of the original monument. There is also the Stonehenge Aotearoa in New Zealand which is designed as the astronomical observatory for the Southern hemisphere.

The Stonehenge facts are always a m

ystery with respect to this question. The reason of its existence and how the stones were moved are the most important facts that people are trying to know till now. Though it is not a unique structure in Great Britain, still it is considered as one of the most well known and largest structures that attracts tourists throughout the year because of these debatable issues.


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