The only one you would not find in the Wiki’s list of phobias’ is the mephobia. (Now I am beginning to feel that Wikipedia isn’t that awesome either!) The word itself is self-explanatory. Mephobia (or ME’-Phobia if you will) is the fear of becoming so awesome that the human race can’t handle it, and everybody dies. I saw this term being frequently used all over the social networking sites and it got me thinking… What can someone possibly do to become so awesome that the whole human race detests it beyond its capability and dies!

Lifestyle? Looks? Money? Family? What exactly would do the trick? If someone tells me I 1FNgL94have mephobia, is it a good thing that I am made of pure awesome? Or is he merely being sarcastic with me, and insinuating that I am in a way different’ than the others! It’s still really a tricky word though. If I have mephobia, do I have the fear that I might’ become so awesome that I cannot handle the pressure and die? Or do I fear the others are much more awesome and then I die of an inferiority complex? I think the former makes much more sense. Then again since the human race can’t handle it and everybody dies’ is the scenario, the correct thing would be that people would not be able to handle the fact that I am so awesome and would die of pure jealousy. But furthermore, if the world can’t handle the fact that I am so awesome, doesn’t it mean that they’ have mephobia instead of me?

Whoa! It’s a lot to take in isn’t it? But this really is an interesting topic to introspect. Mephobia according to me is merely jealousy but wrapped in a good shiny paper which stills pressurizes us. For instance, the fact that someone else is more successful, has more money, drives a better car and lives in a better house creates a feeling beyond jealousy. We don’t want him to lose his stuff; we merely want to achieve all that he has-probably more. This alone puts us in a lot of pressure creating mephobia’. You don’t actually die in it. But you run behind your’ idea of awesome and then face either will-full euphoria or extreme depression; the latter obWhat-is-mephobia--Meybe-is-just-a-Me-Phobia-viously leading to a slow death.

Mephobia can also be a result of staying in constant touch with someone who is better than you in non-materialistic aspects. For instance, if someone speaks well, looks good, is excellent in weekly performances or his sales chart is always pointing upwards, it can also create the same sense of approach even though the lifestyle and money earned in this case is exactly the same.

This clearly states that a  comparative approach’ brings about mephobia in a person. The qualities that you’ find awesome in someone you idolize or look up to can create a sense of respectful-jealousy. Since there is no calibrated bar as to what exactly is the optimum level of awesome’ it always will be a result of a person’s concept of awesomeness. This is the same as success. Its meaning varies from person to person and from situation to situation.

Although dying from it is obviously too much to take, having mephobia wouldn’t really hurt! Setting up a level of awesome’ you personally want to achieve or acquire and striving towards it effortless seems pretty neat. It also can be taken as a compliment! (Implying that the other person thinks you’re awesome). A strong hold on our minds is the key to prevent from dying of it though. In this overwhelming rat-race, mephobia seems pretty obvious. But I was a little relieved for not finding the word in Wikipedia! It implies that it still isn’t a medically proven disorder! I’m cautiously optimistic though, that it never gets added to the list…



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