Mephobia: Fact or Fiction?

Mephobia is the fear of being too great to be handled by mankind and will lead to depletion of the human race.. This is not exactly an English word though can be found in the Urban dictionary. It would be correct to go ahead and say that the word came up from me’ and phobia’ meaning a fear of oneself and what they are capable of.

Although it may appear as funny to many, this is a condition that actually does exists with a few reported cases on record. This however is also a scapegoat of many who claim to be having mephobia. Known examples of people with mephobia are Chuck Norris and Morgan Freeman among just a handful of others. Considering this small number of people, it would be somehow right to conclude that this is a new condition that just forms in famous and wealthy individuals that have no much worries in life other than to believe how much better they are than others despite knowing quite well that they are no different than the rest of the people.

Since mephobia has always been used in the world of fiction, many would maintain that that is where it actually does belong as thinking that one is so much better than others and actually going to the extent of having fears about it, shows that dreaming and fiction are starting to be part of reality for some people. An example in fiction stories is that one of Batman being capable to survive the condition by assuming to be Bruce Wayne. mephobia

How dangerous would mephobia be in the society is hard to tell. The fact remains that we should at least be grateful that few cases exist regarding this condition as having an excess number of people with this condition may not be something worth looking forward to. Considering the lack of fatalities directly related to mephobia, it will actually be safe to say that no real dangers are posed by the condition and it is actually an inner psychological belief that may be curable if the affected person is willing enough to undertake psychiatric help.

Therefore, it would not be too much on the wrong to think that such people with this condition are actually hazardous to the society as lack of control coupled with maybe some sort of drug abuse may lead to violent situations that non-mephobia persons thought unlikely to happen due to the hilarious nature of such a belief. It is therefore on a cautionary statement that mephobia be treated as an ailment of the human psychology just like mental cases where a harmless thought from a person can prove to be the most dangerous cause of massive damage to human and property alike.

So, however funny and unbelievable it may seem to appear, tests should be undertaken on the subjects suspected of having this condition and immediate psychological treatment administered on the subjects before something drastic comes from their awesomeness’ . Total human belief in something has always proved to do wonders to the innocent and unsuspecting world that human beings live in.


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