Discovering more about Cummingtonite Mineral

The earth is full of important minerals that are always deposited in soil, rocks and even under the sea. These minerals serve specific functions and when mined, they can be used to come up with important products that will bring about change and development in the world. Cummingtonite is an important mineral which is also recognized as a middle member of the series of minerals by the same name. These series includes magnesiocummingtonite and grunerite. The minerals are specifically known by the formulae which is essentially the same, that is (Mg, Fe)7Si8O22(OH)2.

Their distribution and percentage

Many professionals always have a different view when it comes to their percentage and how they are distributed, this makes the whole idea to become even more important to debate and trying to get a lasting solution has been the key concept that is always applied by professionals as well as scientists. The key important details that you should know is that the percentage of magnesium to that of iron always vary in the series and this determines the minerals. Grunerite has a iron rich member which offers a greater ration of Mg/(Mg +Fe)- this equals 0.00 to around 0.29 while in the magnesiocummingtonite, the magnesium rich component has a ratio that equals 0.70 to 1.00 making it an important series.

Magnesiocummingtonite presence in the Cummingtonite mineralAmphibole_-_Cummingtonite_w-_chlorite_in_schist_Magnesium_iron_silicate_3800_foot_level_Homestake_Mine_Lawrence_COunty_South_Dakota_2071

When it comes to looking at the same ratios, magnesiocummingtonite has a default ratio of 0.30 ranging to 0.69. It is through its ratio that it becomes one of the rich members and great. According to proven research, cummingtonite was found to have similar formula with another important mineral which is the anthophyllite. Both the two minerals are known as polymorphs. This is a condition in which two minerals will share same type of chemistry but they have different structures. This mineral serves an important role in its series and it is highly valued. Many understand it as an important mineral. It is a great component of regional metamorphic rocks which are believed to occur through the minerals enstatite, hypersthene, or olivine and they are produced at expense of the cummingtonite. It is a great mineral of its kind; many scientists value it as one of the most important and highly valued mineral in the world due to its uniqueness and novelty nature.

Its color varies

The mineral has a variety that is known as amosite which is seen as asbestos in form and can be used likewise. It is used in industries to perform several other works to ensure that products receive a perfect outcome. It is also known as a health risk when used in plenty since it is made up of many other different minerals that have a fibrous habit. The best varieties that are highly valued from it are the tremolite and Serpentine asbestos which have higher flexibility and tensile strength. In South Africa, cummingtonite asbestos is found in plenty and mined for many other uses. It is an important mineral that plays m a major role in industry. The color of this mineral is dark grey but it can vary and appear as dark green or sometimes even greenish-brown.


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