About Us

It was November 14th, 1960 when I was born in Riverside, California to a German mother and a Vietnamese father. I became the youngest of 5 children and all boys. My parents named me Christian Tran. Christian’ after a close friend of theirs who passed away days before my birth in a car crash. Just before I reached the age of 5, our family moved to Kerrville, Texas due to urban hardships challenging our budding family in California. It was much for my parents to raise my brothers and I there due to its size. All 4 of my brothers and I graduated with honors and college credits. I received 2 private scholarships helping my parents with the financial burden of college. My youngest brother and I were the only to proceed to a college degree. I graduated with a Masters in Education in 1987 at Schreiner University located in the town. I had published 3 case studies concentrating on the diversity of growth and development in children born since 2000 and the incongruences to those born 20 years prior.

I began working at Schreiner as a research assistant after my graduation and met my wife Alyna in the Fall of 1989. We quickly wed in the Spring of ’93 and became parents to our only son, James, who shares an interest in education and is currently schooling at Michigan State. Alyna owns a restaurant in the city of Santa Barbara where we now reside. My most recent publication, Growing Humans, is a book published in 2008. It is an informative report of the modern parent’s necessity to enforce healthy habits in themselves and in children as an essential change to future habits and economical growth. It received nomination for the years’ National Book Award. Since then, I have accepted professorship at Santa Barbara City College in July of 2011 and spend my days doing what I love, teaching the youth and writing about it.


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